image via: Crunchyroll

Watched on: Crunchy Roll

Seasons: 1

Genre: Japanese Fantasy

The main protagonist Chise Hatori is tired of how society and people who are supposed to be family treat her. Deciding to give up on chance of obtaining some kind of happiness or life on her own. She makes the choice to sell herself at an auction. She’s promptly bought by Elias Ainsworth a not so human mage.

I held off watching this for some reason and then I forgot about it. Seeing an ad while watching (another show) quickly reminded me this looked like a show that I would enjoy. I quickly liked it having wanted to watch something a little serious that might make me cry. I enjoyed the fantasy aspect that included fairies, wizards, mages, chimeras, dragons and more. The episodes where sometimes heart wrenching but they all had a great meaning and a underling message. I enjoyed watching all the characters evolve. I haven’t finished yet. But I’m pretty sure it won’t end happily and while I don’t want that to happen. It goes along with the story. Though it’s strange at first the love that starts to grow between Chise and Elias isn’t unnerving or strange. It feels genuine and you start to want to see if develop more.

This show is based off of a manga so like any that has been transformed into an anime. Maybe they will have additional seasons maybe they won’t. The anime was released later last year and just ended in March of this year. So if they do any more seasons it will probably be a while.

I recommend this show if you like brooding, romance, fantasy, and mystery.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy this show too.


TV Time – Ancient Magus Bride

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