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The young child looked at his father and asked

“Papa are you going to stop them?”

The proud father puffed out his chest looked his son square in the eyes and confidently stated.

“Oh yes, they will rethink their decision.”

The  child watched his father grab a duffel bag and head out the door.

The child watched his parents hug and his mother give his father a kiss on the cheek before he gave one more glance back at us both and headed out the out.

The mother and child sat down to watch TV together when a breaking new story interrupts.

The news caster had a serious look as they spoke. “If you look behind me you’ll see flames coming from the ongoing construction site for highway expansion. As well as the regular highway lanes. Strangely, it looks like the cause of all this chaos is from a handful of deer deliberately running across the highway during peak traffic, with what we are hearing were suicide vests! More information as we are updated.”

The mother and child looked at each other with wide eyes!

You never know… 😉


“Goodbye Deer,”

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