Park Bo Young as Do Bong Soon

Park Hyung Sik as Ahn Min Hyuk

Kim Ji Soo as In Gook Du

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I know. I know. Leave me an angry ass comment. It’s been how long since my last post about this show. I started writing about it… so you know what? I’m going to finish it. When we last left off the ugly psycho had tricked our awesome Do Bong Soon into using her powers against a innocent person! Causing her to lose her super strength because they were actually be hurt. Which we knew gave his psychotic ass a great amount of pleasure and made me nail that final nail in the coffin of my repulsiveness of his character from here on out.

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I can’t believe this loony-tune tried to run over cute officer Guk Do. What made me even more upset was that he let that idiot get away. He hurt the woman you love and tried to kill you too! You ain’t gonna shoot at those tires bro? But, then the next scene was him in a car right behind him so I calmed down. I might have even did a cheer when he Jang Hyuk *Spoiler* crashed the car and fell into the lake. You know his ass ain’t dead. They never are! They blow off finding the body way to easy too. Can you tell I was annoyed again.

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They show DBS dad and brother discussing how they know how hard her life must be and how they want her to be happy. Which was nice to see since she always seen to think she’s just a burden. Who doesn’t get much love or attention.

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Image via: Dramafever

The next scene made me giddy and I wanted the scene to go on longer. I love a good love confession!

The Joanne the Scammer monk has some explaining to do! While the cops find the culprits clothes washed up on the shore somewhere. Shocking!

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Then you know what? This JKH sneaks in to Min Min’s company trying to seek some ultra twisted vengeance. Then proceeds to put everyone in this tall multi-story corporate building into a frenzy by taunting over the PA system. He the knocks out and drugs BS to tie her up on the roof with a bomb strapped to her.

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But that ending though….our girl got them powers back and this upcoming rumble is gonna be good! I can’t wait for this dude to get some justice served on his ass.



Strong Woman Woman Do Bong Soon | Ep.14

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