Park Bo Young as Do Bong Soon

Park Hyung Sik as Ahn Min Hyuk

Kim Ji Soo as In Guk Doo

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So the main storyline with the killer has been resolved. Time to find out what happens to our other favorite characters in the finale.

The episode starts with Bong Soon and Min Hyuk heading home after finally sending that psycho off to be arrested. Guk Doo gets the honor of doing the interrogation. Starting with the most obvious question. “Why did you do it?” Boo cuz he’s crazy and has issues with women. He was probably rejected and it made him snap.

Kong Bi Seo, honey, you don’t see that strong resemblance?

I love how supportive Min Hyuk is to Bong Soon throughout the show. Giving her pointers for her interview with the department that she really wants to work in his company. It helps he doesn’t just give. He helps her to be a better person not just giving her the things she wants. He helps her grow as a person the same way he helped her control her powers.

Screenshot (80)

Image via: Dramafever

Min Min getting all giddy about Bong Soon saying “happily ever after,” and Secretary Kong Bi Seo saying “oh will they get married and have kids was too cute!”

Bong Soon’s mother is in denial about how much she truly physically abuses her husband. The poor guy. He’s still out camping dealing with his feelings. Min Hyuk goes to talk to his future father in law and lets him know he wants to marry Boon Boon. It was an awkward groveling fest with inappropriate comments made.

Bong Ki ended his relationship with Guk Doo’s ex-girlfriend.

Screenshot (89)

Image via: Dramafever

I swear her mom was listening right outside the door.

Screenshot (91)

Image via: Dramafever

Oh so now piggy wants to admit he was scammed and out of 5 million won at that.

Crazy pants got life in prison and proceeded to go apeshit in jail. Boo Hoo

Guk Doo gets relocated to the glamorous Gangnam. Min Hyuk didn’t want to take the plaque and flowers for helping the police with the capture, he can be happy about that at least. Especially, after Guk Doo admits to Bong Soon that’s he also liked her for a very long time. Longer than what she expected. They vowed to be best friends and she even changed his name in her phone.

Min Hyuk gets the traditional threats from all the men in Bong Soon’s life.

Bong Soon lost her position in the Strategy department and got turned back into an intern. She was continuously late for work because she was using her powers to help people and her boss couldn’t take it anymore.

Min Hyuk finally proposes and its the most lovely scene. Any scene with cherry blossoms is always amazing. Followed by a beautiful wedding. I just wish they would have done her hair differently. I noticed that this happens a lot. But, I think that’s the point is that you look like what they have always seen you as. Just more beautiful.

Cut to Bong Soon’s mom praying to Buddha that they have a boy and guess what the lovely couple has….twin girls!!

I really enjoyed this drama. The main characters were easy to root for and had great chemistry. All the side characters were hilarious and didn’t take away from the storyline or bore me. I enjoyed the relationship that bloomed between Bong Soong and Min Hyuk he wasn’t the typical rich male. Yes, he was arrogant but he wasn’t rude and mean to the people around him or the woman that he had feelings for. He expressed his emotions honestly and didn’t care if he looked like an idiot. It was a nice change. Jang Mi Kwan did a great job portraying Kim Jang Hyuk and the guy who played his minion did a great job being creepy and unhinged strung out drug abuser. I would totally recommend this drama to others and since I’ve already watched it twice. I would say it’s easily rewatchable.

After finishing up these reactions for Strong Woman I don’t know where to go next. But, I hope you will still check in to see what’s going on next.


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon | Ep. 16

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