If you are somewhat familiar with me or my many ventures that I jump head first into and then get bored with them. You will probably not be surprised to know that I am now doing Podcasts on Anchor. I had signed up for it before if you listen to my first podcast when a youtuber I followed (Shan Boodram) mentioned that she was giving advice on it and using it as a different platform to reach her audience.

Honestly….truly, I was all about youtube a few years ago. But, when I wasn’t getting the feedback that I wanted and realized that it’s not as easy people made it seem. Especially for someone of color, I stopped. After not doing it for a while I actually miss the editing and filming aspect of it. Though I didn’t really gain any monetary gains from it. I miss that artistic part of it. I think if I stop putting myself on a strict schedule like I did before I would really actually enjoy it like I should have. Instead of just thinking about the dollar worth of it. I would lean more on the personal satisfaction of doing it.

I realized as I’m becoming more self-aware that I really do sabotage myself a lot. Or I’m good at starting stuff. But, I don’t have the drive to continue with it and quickly move on to something else without really flushing everything out. Without actually putting the care and effort into trying to build it up. I can name countless things I actually realized later that I enjoyed but because I didn’t like all of it. Or it didn’t get results as quickly as I wanted. I was ready to move on.  Things aren’t always going to be fun all the time.

If you’re interested in listening to my podcast I have the link below. I also have the link for Shan’s channel as well.

My podcast:



“I’m on Anchor now,”

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