My Health Journey

I went out for my birthday this past weekend. After watching myself ride a mechanical bull. I was mortified to really saw how big I look, and it made me upset. I didn’t think I looked THAT big!!! I knew I wasn’t as small as I used to be!! But, GOT DAMN!!

I signed up with a program at work called Omada. It’s was okay.  I’m really good at eating somewhat decent. It’s just that on the weekend I tend to do cheat days, not just a meal. It used to be pretty easy to maintain my weight and buckle down when I was getting too fluffy. Unfortunately, after having a hysterectomy I quickly realized that I really have to eat healthily and work out consistently now. 

I have a gym membership. But, I’ve been on the fence if I want to keep it and just workout at home. I’m trying to save money and getting rid of something that I haven’t used in two months would save me a little bit of money. Besides the gas, I would be saving on driving there and back. When I’ve hit my financial goals I plan on signing back up. But, until then cut prices where I can.

My Current Measurements/ Body Pics

Chest – 45

Right Arm – 16.5 

Left Arm – 17

Waist – 38.5

Hips – 50

Right Thigh – 27

Left Thigh – 27.5

Current weight – 234.2

*Image taken 11/26*

I’m going back on the Keto diet. The Omada program had me weighing in daily and I found that to be demotivating. I don’t want to become obsessed with the scale every day. I’m only going to be weighing myself once a week and that’s it. 

Goals for the week

  • Cancel gym membership
  • Follow diet

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