“Hey, little couch cushion on the side of the road.”

“How are you doing with all of that snow?”

“Your family left you to chill in a ditch,”

“Damn what a pity,”

“They left you to get shitty,”

“I wonder what the rest of your cushion family is doing?”

“Are they missing you too?

“Or do they just push through,”

“I bet it’s sure strange with one missing pillow,”

“Can you imagine that couch or two-seater.”

“How do you fix that kinda thing?”

“Do you just roll up a blanket and just say “forget it.””

“Or circle back around and reclaim that beat down cushion”

“So it somehow can be united with the other couch stuffing”

I’ve been driving past this floral couch cushion for the past week on my way to work. This popped in my head and I decided to share.


Ode to a Cushion

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