Lets Eat 3 – Reaction & Review

image via: fankdramas.com

The past few months, I have been watching the Let’s Eats k-dramas. The first was really cute, heartwarming, and interesting. The added mukbang theme throughout was a great touch. It gave a real appreciation for Korean food. Showing staple food items. It also highlighted popular, and traditional meals. It also added a cool mystery angle. That also add another layer of interest to the show. The main character was played by the same actor, Yoon Doo Joon. I haven’t seen any dramas with him in it, and I grew to become a fan. I ended up really enjoying his character development through all three shows. Besides just being nice on the eyes.

Yoon Doo Joon

I like the MC in the first season but I think she took her prejudice way to far in quite a few episodes. The Let’s eat 2, the female lead has prejudices against him as well. But they were cute and stemmed for a more believable place. At least to me.  Plus watching their relationship grow was really very adorable and endearing. Also, Seo Hyun Jin being the female lead was also a box checked on the list. She one of my favorites! Another Oh Hae Young is one of my all-time favorite dramas. 

Seo Hyun Jin

Since I had already watched the first episode before I decided to R & R the series. I’ll just give my initial thoughts so far, instead of picking out particular scenes. So far I don’t know 100% for sure if he is still dating Baek Soo Ji the girlfriend from season 2. But, the female lead they are showing so far seems like a pretty cool person. Plus of course, they’ve known each other in the past. So clique but with their chemistry, it totally works. There looks like a mystery angle is also included in this season as well. Which I can’t wait to speculate on.

Lee Gi Woo’s sister running from some type of danger.

Have you already watched this drama? How did you like it? Which one out the three did you enjoy more?


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