Health Journey Quick Update

I’m still going strong and I haven’t cheated in turns of following Keto. I just eat an extra meal for the weekend. I’ve been eating only one meal a day throughout the week and treating myself with an extra meal on the weekend. Strangely enough, I did get ravenously hungry throughout my work week. I know some people think that unhealthy but it’s quite common on Keto or when doing intermittent fasting. I was eating a square of 92% dark chocolate from Ghirardelli (sp?). But after using a blood sugar tester my mom had laying around it was recording my glucose high after starting out the week in the keto range. After cutting it out for the rest of the week my glucose went back in range. So, my mom will have some extra snacks now. I’ll have to actually make my sweet treats myself if I want any. No, I haven’t canceled my gym membership yet. 


Current Measurement:

Chest: 43 (-2)

Right Arm: 16.5 (-)

Left Arm: 17 (-)

Waist: 35.5 (-3)

Hips: 48.5 (-.5)

Right Thigh: 26 (-.5)

Left Thigh: 26.5 (-)

Current Weight: 226.1 (-8.2) 

Goals For Week:

  • Workout 3x’s this week
  • Keep doing everything else I’ve been doing
  • really decide on gym membership

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