Let’s Eat 3 |2| Reaction & Review

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Here we are for episode 2. I’m still looking for my girl Baek Soo Jin, who was his girlfriend in Let’s Eat 2. They were so adorable together. I’m just happy that he seems to hint to his old college friend that he does, in fact, have a girlfriend at least. But, why the mystery my good sir? The last episode ended with Li Gi Woo finding out that her new neighbor is actually Dae Young.  Also, you can clearly see that she seemed to have had a crush on him since college. 

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Dae Young asks for his mentor in all things food Li Gi out to eat and finds out that after having a hectic life as a nurse and mostly eating hospital cafeteria food. His mentor has totally lost her touch in appreciating food the way she once did. Earning her a swift lecture about swordfish from DY, and an adorable dive back into becoming a foodie again. 

GOD this food looks delicious!! 

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Dae Young gets scouted after saying he ‘s feeling like he needs a life change. 

Cut to a flashback of college where Li Gi gets in an epic war of new shoes with her already quite annoying younger sister Seo Yeon. I really enjoyed the shoe catch at the end. Sealing Li Gi’s victory. I vocally said YES! Though I suspect that’s how my mom feels since I do that to her all the time with her clothes and shoes.

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Watching Li Gi’s sister scam DY hopeless college friends out of their money was really pathetic. At least DY recognized game and swiftly dodged that trap. But, after successful kicking her sister our her apartment the nightly news gives her a guilt trip. I knew it wouldn’t be long before she let her mooching sister move back in. 

More eating! Of course. Totally jealous I’m in my fasting window rn. So let me drink this water and image it’s the kimchi meal. LG’s mom cooked for her sis Seo Yeon.

SY, after I guess being away from S. Korea for quite some time is back, and looking for some girl who I guess lied to her. Probably scammed her out some money. Which is probably why she was running. The woman probably gave SY’s name and info to her debt collectors. Just my paper thin theory. 

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Here he goes again pumping up this girls head with praise about how she motivated him to start his super popular blog. But, if its true it true.

My paper thin theory has gone up in flames already. She was running form the guy who was scouting Dae Young for his food blog. Well, his cousin is badgering him to get her money back. Alright so her “partner” is the actual scammer and that’s who Seo Yeon is in S. Korea looking for. She was living in the USA before that. 

I don’t think wearing heels in S. Korea would be that bad, You get to remove your shoes every time you go someplace. But, depending on where you are you could be walking in those heels for a while. 

SY always mooching man! Can’t knock her hustle though. Work with what you got.

Damn!! They killed my girl Soo Ji off. She died in a bus crash. Which honestly was weird. Why would people ask if they should call emergency services? Just do it! They will let you know if it’s been called in already. Will that solves why he acts like he said he was still kinda dating somebody. He’s still in mourning. I thought it was strange he was telling Gi Li about being scouted before her. Now I know why.

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Of course, the episode ends with all three of them meeting up like old times. I feel a lot of parallels of the past will be showing up in future episodes.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode and it answered a couple of questions I had.

Why was Seo Yeon running?

Why did Yoon Doo say he was kinda dating?

Now I can fully ship his rekindled relationship with Gi Li. After processes the death of his last girlfriend of course. DY’s college friends are a funny bunch. Especially, the one who clams up, and breaks out in a sweat when girls are around. The scene with Gi Li’s mother was sad. I wonder if it has anything with her anger toward SY. It’s truly saddening to see a parent slowly deteriorate in front of your eyes. Even worse when you have to go through the whole thing on your own. Also, I’m liking the flashbacks of college and how the Let’s Eat blog was created. Can’t wait to watch this slice of life drama with a tiny bit of mystery thrown in. 

What was your favorite scenes during this episode? 

Do you have a favorite character yet? Besides Dae Young of course.

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