Heath Journey |3| Quick Update

Surprise!!! I’m back. Still at it, and still following Keto and I successfully worked out three times last week. I let Jillian kick my butt two days and did cardio of the treadmill on the other. I completely meal prepped. Before I had everything cooked and then I put everything together for the day. I think I’ll be continuing with that process. It’s easier just cleaning my container at the end of the night, and getting my lunch ready the night before. 

If you’re interested in starting a Keto lifestyle here are a few resources that I use and have tons of information. Most of the videos are short and to the point so it’s easier to digest the information. 

Keto Connect          Dr. Berg          Ken D Berry          Pinterest


Current Measurements

Chest: 42.5 (-3.5)

Right Arm: 16.5 (-)

Left Arm: 16 (-1)

Waist: 35 (-.5)

Hips: 49.5 (+5)

Right Thigh: 26 (-)

Left Thigh: 27 (+5)

Weight: 224.6 (-9.7)

Goals for the Week:

  • Keep doing what I’m doing

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