HEY!!!!! New year new me!!! hahaha, let’s cut the BS. That saying has become a joke at this point. Last week I did a more in-depth update. A monthly update shows more progress in pictures. At least I think so. I did notice a slight change when I actually looked at the pictures. So go me!

I will admit that again I did not accomplish my workout goal. I was a little too ambitious with saying I would work out three days a week when my body is still getting acclimated to me working a job where I move more. So I gave myself a pass this week. I don’t think I mentioned it. But, I never cancelled my gym membership. I really like working out in the morning and the fact that my gym is located a little over halfway on my way to work seemed like a waste to me. I can’t predict what the after workout showers would be like each day. so, driving back home in the opposite direction made me totally just opt of out a morning gym workout session. I finally made the decision to workout after work again. I really enjoy going to the gym. Which is why it was such a struggle to decide if I was going to cancel or not.

I also incorporated Kimchi into my meal prep and it was the best decision ever! It’s naturally a probiotic and it tastes delicious! It added a nice spice and flavor to my meal. I have enough to use it in next weeks meals! This week I plan on using it to make burgers.




Neck : 13.25 (-)

Chest : 41 (.5)

Right Arm : 16.5 (-)

Left Arm : 16.5 (-)

Waist : 34.5 (-2.0)

Hips : 48.25 (-.25)

Right Thigh: 26 (-)

Left Thigh : 26 (-)

Weight : 219.1 (-1.3)


  • Gym 3x’s
  • Keep it keto

Health Journey |6| Quick Update

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