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We ended the last Episode with Ji Woo finally breaking down in front of Dae Young. After almost getting hit by a car! I think something happened with her mom. She seems pretty level headed until something with her mom comes up. Hence the elevator threat from last episode.

My guess is correct. But, it doesn’t seem that bad. Her mom seems to have gotten into an accident. Probably trying to use those cooking skills again. Nevermind, it’s serious she fell down some stairs. That’s never good for a healthy person. It’s more dangerous for an older person.

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After learning this information while Dae Young and Ji Woo are on the way to the hospital they transition to the past where we learn that Dae Young was a gamer who played World of Warcraft. He’s with his buddies from the SSS club. I’ll learn their names one day.

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Getting insulted by the car owner of the SSS club Jin Seok. they all decide to go to the beach. I’m sure this will be hella awkward for the member of the group who can’t speak around women. Let’s see how it goes when they are wearing swimsuits.

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Of course! This idiot wants to go to a beach that’s four hours way because of Seo Yeon!! He really is her little lap dog, and it’s to bring this cow her cell phone! He’s tricked his friends to tag along on his dummy missions. I can’t say anything I haven’t been dragged into plenty, and it ended up being fun. But, I still can’t stand Seo Yeon.

Ji Woo is totally jealous of her step-sister. Especially, if her mom gives her more affection. Which seems to be the case.

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Jin Seok is trying to roast all the guys in the car not turning on the AC. I guess the last time he did the car started rolling backward. Dae Young breaks it down that having the windows down is slowing them down and wasting time. His dumb ass finally listens. But, that shit car slows down to human walking speeds. HAHAHAHA, and smoke starts coming out of the hood.

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I never thought eel would look appetizing. But, damn, they nailed that shit. I’m happy I’m watching this on a day where I’m not fasting cuz I’m definitely eating something after this.

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Making a small wager on a street game. Dae Young wins and gives the prize to Ji Woo. She’s having the time of her life staring at this cute little key-chain.

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Sae Yeon gets dragged into play chicken. Ji Woo accidentally scratches her face. You already know Sae Yeon is not taking that in stride. During the next round Sae Yeon kicks Ji Woo straight in the head. No look of regret at all. Straight revenge. They fight of course and in the middle of the squabble Ji Woo loses her key-chain.

This determined girl! She stayed in the water the whole damn time looking for that keychain, to no avail. But, she did get to be carried in Dae Young arms though. So cute!

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While waiting for Dae Young to get back from dropping off Ji Woo the SSS club try to hit on some girls. It’s going well when the only decent one of the group approaches them. But, when the other two swoop in like idiots. All goes downhill…QUICK!

Ji Woo’s green eyed monster shows up again. This time when she sees Seo Yeon being baby by her mom. She get chewed out for scratching her face. But her mom apparently didn’t find out she got kicked in the head…not suprised. Dae Young also gets threatened before the flash back to the present time.

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Ji Woo’s mom is sitting in the hospital bed with a huge ass upper body chest contraption. She broke a rib. Not longeafter finding that out, she gets bombarded by some employee from the nursing home. Who quickly lets her know that her mom can no longer stay there, and it’s her own fault for using the emergency stairs. Plus, she has to pay the hopstial bill and for the mess she made when she caugh the kitchen on fire. “LIKE REALLY BRO!!”

Switch to Seo Yeon who is back in the dog house with Sun Woo after making him hurt his wrist falling in the bathroom from the accident she caused.

Ji Woo informs her mom that she will be staying with her from now on. I don’t think that’s a good idea.

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Seo Yeon pisses off Sun Woo for the second time this episode. This time she ends up cooking his delivery meal. He had it delivered for this work. Disregarding that fact she cooked it because he was hurt because of her. She was actually trying to be nice. He called a low-class. tee hee. Oh yeah, she may have tripped and fell and they conveniently touched lips or something. That ish totally happens in real life all the damn time. One of the many reasons I’m scared to trip and fall around people.

Great! We find out Ji Woo’s mom is afraid of big dogs. So she can’t even have her fur buddy live with her either. Dae Young volunteers to keep him for her. Sweetie Pie.

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Seo Yeon is trying to seduce Sun Woo. Since she figured out she got him all flustered with that scene from yesterday. She really is acting low class. I feel bad shaming her life that. Now she trying to use his car. Okay so she was acting low class because of his insult. Alright hmph. I can dig it.

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One day with her mom living with her and she done already ran away!! Wondering around the neighborhood grabbing little kids and stuff.

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Dae Young schools Seo Yeon on herring soba after she cons the owner into making her a meal to go. It for a good reason since it’s for Sun Woo to try it out like he was originally supposed to. That soup looks amazing.

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Here she goes again harassing this man while he trying to cook this food. She finally got his ass to apologize though. I like her a little bit more now. Yes! He totally got her back I love it. Tit for tat honey.

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Oh shit she’s locking her mom in the house!!! I hope she doesn’t catch anything on fire while she’s looking at this new apartment. I forgot she installed cameras. Good, thing she came back in time I think Dae Young would have broke her door down.

Dae Young is such a sweetheart. He went undercover at the nursing home and found out what really happened and had them apologize to Ji Woo, and found a better facility for her mom.

Sun Woo takes Ji Woo out for an apology meal after being a little messy bitch the last time they went out to eat. Guess who do they run into. Dae Young and Seo Yeon looking like she’s the messy bitch today. You already know Ji Woo was beyond pissed.

This episode was quite enjoyable. I really felt for Ji Woo. I can’t even imagine all the things she had to take care of to make sure her mom was okay to stay with her. All that preperation still wasn’t enough. You could really fell her characters the frustration and sadness. I still don’t like Seo Yeon but i didn’t completely despise her character…progress. She was pretty cool when she finally got Sun Woo to apologize to her. That’s when I actually finally liked her. Dae Young is always the best. At the end when he helped out Ji Woo and relieving some of her stress was so so heart-warming. Sun Woo is turning into someone I’m starting to like. I enjoy watching him and Seo Yeon banter back and forth. They have good chemisty.

Favorite scene has to be the beach scene with the two girls. They were all about guys from Seol until tweedle-dee and tweedle dumb showed up and fucked up the energy all the way up with their wackness…more like despiration.

What scene did you enjoy? Do you have a favorite character yet? Dae Young for me.


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