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Hi Y’all, we’re back with episode 6 of the k-drama Let’s Eat 3. The ending of episode 5 left me with one major question! “Why the FUCK is Seo Yeon doing hanging all over Dae Young!!!!” Okay! that’s the only question that I really want an answer for. Just when I thought I would like this bitch she goes and does this shit. I want to know if I can continue to hate her character or give her ass some type of redemption.

This episode starts out with the scene where Sun Woo got back at Seo Yeon when she was throwing herself at him to force him to apologize. Which he eventually did. But, Seo Yeon seems to be having a flashback of that moment on the bed. I think she might actually be growing the seed of a crush on our boy sun Woo

Seo Yeon gets a call from a friend where she gets a lead on Jung Yoon Ah. Her shady ass business partner. She seems to be at the hospital where Ji Woo works. Her lead ends up being correct and she confronts her at the hospital.

We actually find out the real reason she took the money. It wasn’t to go party on a yacht in Bali. It’s because she’s a single mom who has a child that has stage four cancer. He needed treatment and it cost a lot of money.

I can totally understand. But, that’s not my money’s fault!! You want to ruin my life too. That’s selfish!

Seo Yeon has this same response when she grabs the woman’s hair and starts shaking her like she’s a damn literal money tree and dollars are going to start falling off of her or some shit. After noticing her friend’s roots are gray AF she lets her go and finally decides to take her loss. Her friend has it worse than her.

I actually do think she will eventually pay her back though. That would be the only time you would willingly let a friend rob you wouldn’t it? To save the life of their child. Would you let your friend get away with it? I would. But, I would never be able to trust them again. She didn’t even know the lady had a whole child back in Korea.

Then we jump to a scene with Dae Young working at his primary job at the insurance company, and he seems to have finally processed his mourning phase. He seems to be doing extraordinary great at both jobs lately.

He gets a phone call from? Yup, you are correct, Seo Yeon. She’s drunk as shit asking for him to pay for all her pity party. So, just from this little bit of information from this episode. I’m now totally team, Seo Yeon.

She admits to everything to him from the lying about being a job recruiter. Which I think she would actually be really good at. To her partner running off with her money. As well as being bankrupt. She also starts to draw parallels with how she lived in college to how her life now is eerily similar. She hasn’t changed very much and she needs to grow up. We love an introspective growth queen!

While in the middle of being completely obliterated drunk Seo Yeon drags her hair in the water bowl on the table. Dae Young being the sweetie that he gets towels and is trying to dry her hair off. when, of course, Ji Woo and Woo Sun walk in. Woo Sun get a little jelly and asks Ji Woo if she and Dae Young are dating.

After that little run in, they can’t eat at that restaurant anymore. Of course! Ji Woo and Dae Young catch up again when they are both outside their apartments. They chat for a bit and find out one of the bands of merry friends is getting married.

The other members the group have basically kept loosey in touch with each other. Dae Young and Ji Woo decide to go to the wedding as each other’s date.

Woo Sun actually starts to show some concern for Sae Yeon who has been in her room all day after having a nice toasty afternoon. She finally emerges to inform Woo Sun she found her business partner. But, she spent all the money and she’ll just take responsibility for all of it. She’s not going to run away.

Finally going to visit her father, Seo Young finds out that his ashes have been moved.

At the wedding, we get to see the bride but strangely not her face. At the wedding, Dae Young also cuts off Ji Woo when she tries to bring up his girlfriend again. The one who ends up getting married was the only normal one out of the three guys.

Dae Young notices in a flashback of college that Ji Woo is using the toy that we gave her as a bookbag accessory. Continuing with the college time frame. The guys are on the roof cooking pork belly. OMG, it looks delicious. Kim Jin Seok, the car driving guy of the group gets a call from Seo Yeon where after they are done talking he immediately starts to shine her shoes. The guys tell him to stop acting like her slave lets him know she a very selfish person. They quickly change the mood by singing a love song together. They actually sound pretty decent.

Ji Woo and Seo Yeon meet up on the way back to the apartment. They get in an argument over them being caught by the landlady. When entering their apartment the landlady to sneak through the door and busts them.

After coming up with the lie that Seo Yeon is dating Dae Young the landlady finally calms down after scolding them about staying at a man’s house when they aren’t married late at night.

The next day she basically acts out her role of being Dae Young right in front of Ji Woo. I felt the jealousy through the TV. Should have just told the truth.

At the cafeteria at school, Dae Young tells Ji Woo to come and eat with him when Seo Yeon cuts in front of her to sit in the seat Dae Young had held out for Ji Woo. Ji Woo is basically at level one thousand in anger! Seo Yeon is saying everything out loud that she’s thinking about Dae Young.

Ji Woo is at her wits ends after watching her sister walk arm in arm with Dae Young to the apartment. Yelling and running at full speed to punch her sister in the face she gets cut off by Jin Seok the car driver who’s jealousy could no longer take it intercepts and punches Dae Young in the face. Causing all the guys to fight with each other to break them up. Seo Yeon the fucking cause of everything calls them all losers and walks away. Guiltless again. After that whole scene, Ji Woo finally went to the landlady and told the truth.

Later Ji Woo makes Seo Yeon practice learning the waltz with her on the rooftop. Dae Young sees comes over and lets them know he took waltz too and he would be able to help. Seo Yeon seeing her opening runs off. Dae Young lets her know the would be grateful to help the team doctor and they have an adorable twirl and interaction on the roof.

We next see the current timeline. With Dae Young and Ji Woo dancing the waltz at their friends’ wedding.

Ji Woo imagines herself and Dae Young dancing at their own wedding. She wakes up in Dae Young’s car in front of their apartment. When heading home she receives a smack from Seo Yeon who wants an answer to what happened to her dads remains.

After Dae Young forces them to go and hash things out Seo Yeon chews out Ji Woo and lets her know she will pay back Ji for having her dad’s ashes moved.

Seo Yeon gets spotted by Sun Woo while walking down the street. She gets in his car and has him drop her off at a consignment store where she sells off her luxury items. She pays him back for the bathroom incident. Forcing him to take the money. He later walks in on her writing apology letters to her more important customers on having to close down her company for good.

Ji Woo finally decides to let go of her feelings that she was holding on to for Dae Young and still decides to sell her house. I like that she not trying to break up his relationship. She’s going by the information that she was given and that is he is supposedly in a relationship. I didn’t like how her friend didn’t respect that imaginary boundary even though it wasn’t true.

Om my lord that seafood salad looks to die for!!!

Sun Woo has a food knowledge battle with Dae Young before that dive into their meal.

Spicy Seafood noodles!!!

They both learn how they know Ji Woo and they have another battle where Sun Woo loses again. But, Dae Young finds out after dropping off Ji Woo’s food that she’s still moving.

Sun Woo comes home to find out Seo Yeon moved out and left a letter for him. After checking her Instagram account he thinks she going to commit suicide. Learning where she is he finds her and comes to find out she was talking about the dang kimchi!

Seo Yeon and Sun Woo bond over both still remembering the phone number of their favorite Chinese restaurant when they were younger. Sun Woo starts to grow more attracted to Seo Yeon. He actually pays back his cousin and tells Seo Yeon she can pay back the money by being his personal secretary. Wink, wink. Just kidding.

Dae Young takes the tickets he was given earlier and tapes them his girlfriends memorial. Where he runs into Seo Yeon visiting her father.

Again I really enjoyed this episode. I liked how the relationship formed between Sun Woo and Seo Yeon. It was, for the most part, organic and realistic. I didn’t think that the storyline with Dae Young’s dead girlfriend to drag on for so long. But, from the previews, it looks like it will be resolved.

Let’s Eat 3 |6| Reaction & Review

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