You know what I haven’t posted about in a while? My hair. Since I haven’t done anything other than regular maintenance (Deep conditions, protein treatments, detangling). I was doing Henna for a few years after lightening my hair back in 2016. Henna was my go-to for a while. But, after the multiple washes, mess, mixing and waiting. I got tired of it. Especially, when I could no longer find the brand I was using on Amazon. It’s probably for good reason.

I’ve been signed up for Influenster for quite some time. I recently did a survey that asked about makeup (yay) foundation and concealer to be exact. As well as, hair dye. (meh) When I received my notification that I was in I was ecstatic. I’m usually selected for the makeup campaign and was excited to find out who the brand was. To my slight disappointment. Because I really didn’t want to dye my hair with box dye. I discovered I was selected for the Clairol hair voxbox.

After asking some friends and family it they wanted to try it out and not getting a defenative answer. I did some natural hair forum research and found out that most people who had done before henna didn’t have any issues with using said brand to dye their hair.

My apprehension from using any dye was that most say that when you do henna you have to cut your hair if you want to try styles that involve chemicals.


The week prior I deep conditioned my hair twice and did a hot oil treatment the day before. If my hair breaks off. Que Sera Sera. I wanted to cut my hair anyway. Everyone was just giving me a hard time about it.


The process to mix the dye was really easy. I wish I would have taken pictures of all the products inside. But, I’m slow sometimes. The package included

  1. Applicator bottle with mix inside
  2. Color activator in a metal squeeze tube
  3. Nourishing deep conditioner.

All directions seem to be the same so I won’t go into how you mix and what not. I will admit that I was skeptical since the color doesn’t change right away. I let the products sit on my hair for an extra 10 minutes and deep conditioned in the shower for a long as possible after.

Here are the highlights and benefits that the dye is suppose to give.

  • 80% natural ingredients (coconut oil, aloe vera, no ammonia or added parabens)
  • Last up to 28 washes
  • healthy looking color and color boost.

So far I really like the new look. It’s subtle with is fine. My ends, the only part of my hair that still had actual color were dyed as well. My hair doesn’t feel dry or straw-like at all. I love the results and I am really thinking about playing with color again. Instead of going lighter. I’m leaning more towards a navy color. I would try this product again. But, like the name states, it’s natural instincts they don’t have a color that is a navy shade.

ISpeaking about hair in general. I don’t really care about length anymore. I was on a personal goal to show people that black women can grow long healthy hair. Especially when an old friend from high school left an ignorant comment on my Instagram account when I first cut my hair to go natural.

I really don’t care anymore as long as my hair is healthy. Last year I didn’t put that much effort into my hair care. But, after making 2019 the year of loving myself. I’ve gotten back into finding new ways to wear my hair and enjoy it at its current length.



Clairol Natural Instincts

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