I bought an air fryer and it came in before it was time for my meal prep. I made a fried chicken strip lettuce wrap.

I included pictures on how I made my keto friendly fry mix.

Here are how I made the dry mix and the liquid mix.

This is what the chicken looked like after it was prepared for the air fryer. I selected the setting for chicken and flipped it over when there was 10 mins or less for it to cook.

Here are what my chicken lettuce wraps came out:

I also included a picture of all the items I added to my wrap except for my tried and true mayo.

This is what my meal looks like except for the usual suspects (BBQ pork rinds, and sugar-free jello).

Snacks also not included will be:

  • two spear pickles
  • unseasoned sunflower seeds

Health Journey | Meal Prep #3

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