Welp, I didn’t lose any weight this week. I gained a pound. No big deal. I hit the gym 3 days this week again…boom!! So, this week the scale won’t matter and it’s will be the measurements that show results. I have been thinking lately of adding another meal to my meal prep. I have only been eating one meal a day for a while. Which I think was fine before, because I wasn’t working out as much as I am now. I think that is also a factor into me not losing weight the past couple weeks with the exception of last week. So I’m going to adjust and keep it moving going foward. I think I’ve hit the keto plateau. Plus I haven’t been getting enough sleep lately.


Neck: 12.5

Chest: 40.5

Right Arm: 15.5

Left Arm: 16

Waist: 32.5

Hips: 48

Right Thigh: 25.5

Left Thigh: 25

Right Calf: 18

Left Calf: 18

Weight: 214.8 (+1)



Drink more water

Workout 4x’s

Eat twice a day

Healthy Journey |10| Quick Update

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