I’m so annoyed right now. I worked out three times this week and I ate all my meals. Guess what I gain two more freaking pounds!!! I know I shouldn’t be so upset with the scale number. But I am. I recently found out that I wasn’t fasting for a long as I thought. I was putting sugar-free syrup in my bulletproof coffee and that can cause an insulin spike enough for my body to think I’m eating and essentially break my fast. So I’m going to push back with I drink my coffee now or I’ll have to drink it without any flavor in the morning for it to not break my fast.


Truth be told I was eating extra meals I was eating my boiled eggs separately from my lunch so I was eating three meals again after doing two. I was also having snacks after I go back from the gym and Saturday was Galentine’s day with some of my girlfriends and I drank so wine. All my food was keto friendly though. So again I’m going to readjust. My measurements will probably be good though so that’s a plus!

Neck: 12.5 (-)

Chest: 40 (-.5)

Right Arm: 16 (+.5)

Left Arm: 16 (-)

Waist: 32.5 (-)

Hips: 48 (-)

Right Arm: 25 (-.5)

Left Arm: 25 (-)

Right Calf: 17.75 (-.25)

Left Calf: 17.5 (-.5)

Weight: 216.2 (+ 1.4)


  • Workout 3 to 4 times
  • KIK
  • Keep drinking more water
  • push back coffee time

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