I have started eating breakfast again. With that, I have only been having two boiled eggs. Yup, no more boiled eggs during lunch. I use avocado oil and fry my eggs and add spinach. I’ll probably include that in my next post.

I forgot to take pictures of the mixture I made that ended up being poured on my salmon. But I melted some butter (Kerrygold of course). I mixed lemon juice, lemon pepper seasoning, and sea salt. After the butter melted and ‘i poured it all over my salmon before I put it in the oven.

My broccoli cauliflower mix was made the same way I made my mix in my previous post. But, without the chicken.

I had my trusty side dishes with my lunch of pork rinds and sugar-free jello.

As far as my snack between breakfast and lunch/dinner I had a variety of bell peppers and pickles.


Health Journey |5| Meal Prep

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