Yoooo! It’s already week 12! I guess all those adults who told me time flys when you get older weren’t lying. February is almost over and it almost time to say adios to winter. Thank God for the last part! I loved winter until I lived somewhere where winter wasn’t a season. After moving back I’m no longer a fan.

Anyway, last week I mentioned that I would be eating more than one meal a day again. I’ve added working out for a while and after tracking my workouts. I realized I was burning a lot of calories and was starting to have an appetite again. If you are doing keto correctly, your appetite starts to wain. To the point that one meal is plenty of food. I thought that I would lose even more adding exercise and still eating one meal a day. My body had other plans as I seen from my weekly results for this month.

I added breakfast back in which has my favorite foods in it bacon, and eggs. I’m still increasing my water intake. Those two things seem to have fixed my little plateau. My measurements didn’t change so I think that what I was retaining was water. I started drinking more water last week too. But, not eating more so I think my body was trying to hold on to what it could. With my intense workouts.

After more research on the keto Reddit board, the weight loss journey on keto can be a bumpy one. It won’t be a straight downward trajectory. So much so that there is a whole section about it. I also discovered that apparently a lot of potheads enjoy keto. I was looking for keto treats or desserts and accidentally clicked keto trees instead. No judgment over here.



Neck: 12.5

Chest: 40

Right Arm: 16

Left Arm: 16

Waist: 32.5

Hips: 48

Right Thigh: 25

Left Thigh: 25

Right Calf: 17.5

Left Calf: 17.75

Weight: 214.0 (-2.2)



Drink more water

Workout 3 to 4 x’s week

Health Journey |12| Quick Update

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