Another new week of being healthy. This week went really well actually. But, I totally forgot that this week was supposed to be pictures and I already ate breakfast. So, I’ll be posting separately about that. I also ate Ihop with my buddies yesterday at 11pm. Which I regret because the food really wasn’t that great. My weigh in could have been even better. But, you live and you learn.


Neck: 12.5

Chest: 39

Right Arm: 16

Left Arm: 16

Waist: 32

Hips: 48

Right Thigh: 25

Left Thigh: 25

Right Calf: 17.5

Left Calf: 17.5

Weight: 213.0

Usual Goals for the Week

  • KIT
  • Workout 4x’s
  • Drink more water

Health Journey |13|Quick Update

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