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I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day. I spent it at work and the gym. I had a great time with my girlfriends the weekend prior. A week after that? I still hadn’t taken my screenshots to insert in the post.

But, back to my favorite mukbang k-drama. Episode 7 ended with Seo Yeon blurting out Dae Young’s secret to Ji Woo. The fact that he is single, he’s just in the process of mourning his girlfriend. From the previews, it looks like our cinnamon roll Dae Young might actually get upset about something. Though I didn’t like how Ji Woo found out about it, I’m happy she finally did. I’m sure it was like a knife wound to the heart for Dae Young every time she brought it up.

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This episode starts out with our gang back in college and it looks like it’s around the time of a school festival. Dae Young wants to raise money for the soccer club and suggests Ji Woo cook for their booth. While in the middle of making their dishes. They find out Byung Sam and Jin Seok both were pulled to do a high heel foot race and had to dress up as women. They look quite adorable.

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After their booth sales suffer from not having customers, Ji Woo calls her sis to help drum up business. But it’s not the kind they need. She accesses the situation and comes up with a very lucrative business plan before heading back to class. But, the fair ends up getting rained out. Dae Young comes to Ji Woo’s rescue after he sees the guy’s eye humping her because she has a white shirt and is getting rained on.

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After everything clears up Dae Young’s friends from high school come to give support. One even expresses interest in Ji Woo. Who shoots him down according to Dae Young. But, Byung Sam gives us some insight into what really happened. Seems like he didn’t even ask her about a date he just asked her a question that she shook her head no to. His friend is actually a player and he doesn’t want sweet pea to get hurt and Byung Sam agrees. They both promise to protect Sweet Pea.

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We get an introduction to Seo Yeon’s real mother and it’s easy to see where she got some of her personality from even though it seems like she is trying hard to change that part of herself. I think we also see why Sun Woo has a spiteful streak towards her. When she was younger she saved him from some neighborhood bullies afterward she shook him down for money.

Flashing forward to the present time we hear the same scream from Seo Yeon when she realizes that she lost to Ji Woo and she was left abandoned in the parking lot from the last episode when Dae Young sped off to save Ji Woo from the creep breaking into her apartment. That jealousy is very real!

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Dae Young and Ji woo run into each other outside their apartments and she doesn’t have time to apologize before he just drives away. It was the perfect opportunity. She let her emotions turn her into an ass. It seems they are on the same to do list because Ji Woo scurries away when she realizes that DY is also going to visit the guy who was outside her apartment at the hospital. She overhears that the guy is filing a lawsuit and he will only drop it if he gets paid 10 million won ($8,924.11 us). I could literally fold this guy in half in his hospital bed. He looks so condescending and arrogant while he said all this to Dae Young. I was hoping that Ji Woo would rush in and cuss his ass out. But, no such luck. He helped with her mom and he stopped this lying shitbag who I’m sure was going to try to either rob or rape her.

Ji Woo enters the room after he leaves and tries to get him to drop the suit. He basically tried to rape her IN THE HOSPITAL!! After seeing how he wanted Ji Woo to give his legs a “rub” after she came to visit him. I’m sure his disgusting ass was going to do more than just rob her. Dae Young again saves the day and makes her stop. But he leaves right after telling her that she needs to mind her own business too.

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This guy is a piece of shit he is actually sitting outside of Dae Young’s job picketing. Then had the nerve to text him and tell him the lawsuit went up to 20 million won. The mother fucking nerve. I can’t stand people like that. You can’t make a living like a normal person so you do some illegal shit then when you get beat up for it you try to sue. God, I hope Dae Young doesn’t cave.

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Sun Woo sent Seo Yeon hours away to pick up food and then ends up getting food poisoning. You already know he’s showing his ass because she feels bad. He’s constantly asking her to do stuff for him. If he was really sick all he would want to do is sleep, and drink fluids. That’s shit dehydrates you so much. She better make him something to knock his ass out.

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After speaking with her senior at work about the incident Ji Woo gets sound advice to post the video evidence of the guy trying to break into her apartment on a bunch of internet blogs. Low and behold tons of women send in their video footage of him dressed as a woman trying to break into their apartments too. After the police get all the evidence the lawsuit and case against Dae Young are closed. The disagreement between them is also squashed, and what do they celebrate this joyous ending with…that’s right delicious looking food!

After dealing with the annoying cry baby Sun Woo, Seo Yeon ends up sneaking off to see her mother after what looks like has been a very long time. She again insults her daughter and tells her she looks like shit. Then after all that asks her if she wants to move in with her. Hahaha like really you piece of shit. I think at that moment Seo Yeon realized that she is more like her mother than she realized. After being in a depressed state after her realization. Sun Woo orders her to come out of her room saying it’s for work. But in actuality, he went to the kimchi place that Seo Yeon found when picking up his carry out. After tasting it and realizing where it came from and remembering Ji Woo’s mother who treated her like a real daughter she starts to cry with happiness. Causing Sun Woo to realize he likes her and kisses her for real this time…twice!

I know I say the same thing after every episode. But, this episode was really good. It had several scenes that hit me in the feels. The top one being Seo Yeon with her soup and being happy after such a draining and negative meeting with her mother. Also, the kiss that I’ve been waiting to happen! She didn’t pull away from him guys!! That bum ass criminal really made me want to jump through the TV. He made my blood boil something fierce. But, I love he got his just dessert, and it was at the hands of Ji Woo. I also liked seeing the root issue of why Seo Yeon was so jealous of Ji Woo. Her mother was very toxic. I thought she just abandoned her. But, she did more than just that. She seemed to think that as long as she threw money at her daughter that she should love her unconditionally. I love how Seo Yeon character has developed and she’s become one of my favorites. I’m happy she didn’t stay a complete selfish asshole. Sadly like how her mother probably will.


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