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Last weeks episode ended with maybe some love in the air. Sun Woo and Seo Yeon shared an unexpected kiss. Not the best one I’ve seen. Sometimes k-drama kisses come off pretty uncomfortable looking. While I thought the one shared by those two was cute. I hope it’s shown more passionately this episode. Dae Young and Ji Woo makeup and are back to being food buddies. But, when do we get the kiss between them? I hope it’s way sweeter and in this episode.

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Episode 9 opens to Dae Young laying on his couch dying from the heat with the most inhuman belly growls I’ve heard in a while. When his neighbor Ji Woo calls him out to go and eat. They head to get something spicy to eat. Dae Young decides that the best way to beat the heat. The restaurant is one they went to back in college and Dae Young won the 10 min spicy noodle challenge. They pan to a picture of him holding an empty bowl and the concept for his blog is imagined.

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Flashback to college years where we see Dae Young get his picture taken. Ji Woo and Seo Yeon are leaving Bridget Jone’s Diary 2 and have a discussion over the two males. Ji Woo is all for Colin’s character, I like him better too. While Seo Yeon is all about sexy sleaze Hugh Grant. I think I totally forgot to mention that Byung Sam can totally talk about Ji Woo now!! He still turns into a damn clam around any other woman though.

Omg, the gang is eating bacon and it looks delicious! Let’s see how long they cook it for. I like my bacon practically burn to a crisp. Nah, they didn’t let the bacon cook long enough. That’s a no go for me. I’m sure I would get lectured by Ji Woo about it. We also get to see that Ji Woo is the one keeping Dae Young’s number up on his blog. She apparently visits 30 times a day!

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The guys hang out to play pool and it’s revealed that Byung Sam is totally crushing on Ji Woo. Dae Young doesn’t seem to thrilled with this discovery. Seo Yeon finds out that our resident mute comes from money and seems totally taken aback. Then she tries to convince our Sweet Pea to try and get with him. Knowing full well this girl is head over heels for Dae Young.

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The one guy who actually has a girlfriend. Can’t think of his name right now. He tries to tell BS that Ji Woo isn’t into him. Like what the hell are these people looking at? Tell me, please. Jin Seok seems to still be in shock thinking he was better off than his friend. After picking up a night shift on new year day Dae Young runs into Ji Woo in front of their apartment to find out she couldn’t go out of town with the guys because of a school obligation. After the power goes out in the whole building the two decide to go on the roof and listen to the countdown on the radio.

Flashing back to the present time they are both finishing up their spicy noodles and reminiscing about how Byung Sam was the only one who didn’t keep in contact with them.

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Cut to Seo Yeon and Sun Woo sharing their kiss. It didn’t end as happily as I thought she patted him on the shoulder and headed into her room. Sun Woo wakes up the next morning looking like shit! His hair is greasy and nasty looking. While Seo Yeon is bright eyed and bushy tailed. I like the dress she’s wearing too. I actually like almost all her outfits. She also mentions that it was not a big deal. While thinking about that conversation he backs into Dae Young’s car.

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Ji Woo calls and asks Dae Young if he wants to head to dinner. But he’s headed all the way out to get more of the food that Sun Woo got sick off of. I guess he didn’t buy any yesterday and it was just the kimchi that Seo Yeon needed. Man, that looks pretty pretty good!

Sun Woo tries to pitch the owner of the restaurant. But, he’s not having it. After Dae Young pulls out his smooth moves we see that the owner may start to budge. After helping out at the restaurant they head to the Kimch place the Seo Yeon talked about. Sun Woo’s food doesn’t agree with him when he decides to mix soju with it. Come to find out he has some kind of infection because of stress. He also blabbed to Ji Woo about her sister and how he likes her even though they aren’t compatible.

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This episode wasn’t as exciting as I was anticipating. It was alright I liked seeing what gave Dae Young the idea for his blog. Along with him and Sweet Pea growing closer. I wonder if Byung Sam will try to make moves on her in later episodes. I didn’t get to see much romance. So I hope the coming episode has more.

Let’s Eat |9|Reaction & Review

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