My 10 Fav On Going Webtoons

Sometime in 2018 or 2017, I found out about Webtoons. An app where comic book writers can upload self published comics and mangas. I would hear people talk about them when they mentioned the story line of some of the k-dramas that I’ve watched.

Well, let me just say I’m happy I decided to check it out and have become obsessed with some of the ongoing comics. It’s so additive. Like watching a Netflix show and getting to the end only to realize that’s it, no more. You have to wait on when the new one is published and sometimes it can take up to a week. The creators are really good with keeping with their schedules and posting Q & A’s when they can’t get a new episode up.

Though I’m kind of upset with how some categories have been censored. Mostly because of the nature of the story (sex, drugs, same-sex).

Here are a list of my favorite on-going Webtoons. In no particular order.

True Beauty by: Yaongyi

What happens to a high school girl when she master the art of makeup? It’s an adorable story with the two main leads learning to grow comfortable with themselves. High school is hard enough as it is without having to worry about backstabbers and people finding out what you look like without makeup.

Age Matters by: Enjelicious

Rose is a a down on her luck recently single older woman who decides to help out a friend by becoming a cook and housekeeper for a successful CEO. After proving she has more than just basic house keeping skills to Daniel the CEO both set off on a mission to help heal each others wounds from past relationships. Maybe just as friends. But, like everyone else I’m hope for more.

Lore Olmpus by: Rachel Smythe

This toon really reminded me how obsessed I was with Mythology in high school. It’s the retelling of Persephone (Kore) and how her relationship with Hades developed. the drawing is incredible and I love how the story has a modern take on an old story.

Odd Girl Out by: Morangg

When three of the hottest girls in school become your friend. What is a average girl to do? First you might try to avoid them at all costs. Then you slowly realize you have more in common then just surface level looks. A slice of life with great characters. Reall friendship can develop when you least expect it.

I love Yoo by: Quimchee

a story about a girl who seems to have the worst lot in life. After a unexpected encounter with two chebols her luck seems to turn around. Making her realize through friendships and maybe even romance she doesn’t have to take on the world by herself.

Freaking Romance by: Snaillord

What happens when the to good to be true cheap apartment comes with a sexy ghost? A fantasy, mystery with a lovable heroine and her best friend that looks uncannily like Ruby Rose.

Home Sweet Home by: Youngchan Hwang

Do you think you could survive being trapped in an apartment complex where your neighbors have turned into blood thirsty monsters? What if you were also turning into one yourself? That’s the premise for Home Sweet Home and it’s a gripping one.

Good Day to be a Dog by: Lee Hey

This is a cute romance about a woman who has been cursed with being turned into a dog if she kisses a guy. After a drunken mistake, our heroine may have to continue living half her life as the cutest puppy.

Unordinary by: Uru-Chan

Imagine living in a world where everyone has some degree of super powers. Where it’s literally the strongest are in charge and the lower your power the more useless you are to society. Sounds like real life right? Except what we consider power would be money and connections. This is a great story about how to navigate living in that type of society and the prejudice that our hero Jon endures why trying to stay powerless and sane.

Let’s Play by: Mongie

This comic follows Sam, a shy woman who dreams of being a video game designer. After creating her first full scale game she releases it on a independent website for budding creators. After one of her favorite view-tubers plays her game and gives it a horrible rating. Because he didn’t play the game correctly! Sam’s dream is quickly crushed. Things get even more complicated when her neighbor moves in and it happens to be said view-tuber!

Anne by Tesku

Anne is a great slice of life romance about two people Anne and Johnny. They have know each other since grade school. After an incident that embarrasses Anne and she ends up developing a grudge. What could have been an adorable childhood crush turns sour. Years later when they run into each other Johnny realizes that he still in love with Anne. But this time wants to actually try having a relationship. I will warn you that this is not a featured comic. It won’t have weekly updates like the others. The Author seems to post at least once a month.

What other comic should I check out? Would you like to see my list of comics that are completed that I enjoyed?

Have a great weekend!


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