Health Journey |10| Meal Prep

If my meat looks different this week it’s because it’s not meat. It’s actually tofu! I wanted to try something different why still being keto. I’ve been reading up on vegetarian and vegan keto. After thinking of different types of meat options to at to my lunches, I thought why not add some tofu! I’ve never eating it by it’s self before. I can proudly say that I like it! I watched a lot of YouTube videos on ways to prepare it. I’ll list some below. As you can see I did my same veggie stir fry. Not trying to make a whole bunch of new things and hating it all. As usual I will have my side of sugar-free Jell-o.

Megan Bowen

I didn’t follow either video to a T. I made my own sauce by adding:

  • Amino Acid
  • Olive Oil Mayo
  • Frank’s Red Hot
  • Garlic

I think it that mixture made it taste kind of like yum yum sauce. My mom said that it tasted like water chestnuts. Either or I’m now totally a fan.

I made some cheese crisps, they aren’t that crispy and bagged some broccoli for my snacks.

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