Health Journey | 20| Update

Guys my back is back to normal!! I went to the park today with mom and god sister and did some much needed walking and climbed the stairs at the local park. If you know monument park you know that’s a workout in itself! We walked around 8 times and up the stair twice. I’m back in workout mode. I’m hella happy!! I’m almost at my third weight loss goal. I think after this one I’m going to start posting my weight and measurements twice a month instead of weekly. I’ll wait and see how i feel about when the time comes.



Chest: 38

Right Arm: 15

Left Arm:15.5

Waist: 30.5

Hips: 46.5

Right Thigh: 24.5

Left Thigh: 24.5

Right Calf: 16

Left Calf: 16

Weight: 204.0


  • KIK
  • Stretch everyday
  • Workout 3x’s

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