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When we last left off Seo Yeon had sat down with Ji Woo to apologize for not understanding how hard it really is to care for someone who has Altimeterzers. She admitted doing it to hurt her and to get back at her stepmom who caused her parents to divorce. Ji Woo not knowing about any of this looks totally hurt and confused. After sitting in the nursing home with her mom she admits that she understands Seo Yeon’s anger and why she left them.

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We flashback to the past and it looks like Ji Woo and Seo Yeon are visting at home for Christmas. Ji Woo is writing a letter to Dae Young. We also see that Seo Yeon actually overheard Ji Woo being comforted by her mom and telling her she wasn’t favoring her she felt sorry for her.

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After adopting Kongali he gets scoled by Seo Yeon for chewing up her uggs and she gets a phone call that her father got into a accident. He passes away at the hospital. In the middle of his services Seo Yeon’s mom comes and we find out that is how she gets the idea that Ji Woo’s mother was the one who initialed the affair. I don’t believe it after seeing the piece of work her mother is. She lied to get her daughter back. So she could use her as a verbal punching bag.

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Dae Young gets vistors and hopes that it’s Ji Woo. It’s not it’s his two buddies. Byung Sam ended up getting discharged for medical reasons. They enjoy a great spread of food together. these jerks are making me freaking hungry!

Dae Young seemed to admit his feelings while he was in the service and was hoping and praying to meet up with Ji Woo. But the guys didn’t know where she was and later found out she had a boyfriend.

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Going back to current times, Dae Young is meeting with a potential client for his new business. He get shot down rather quickly when he couldn’t afford to offer the woman a down payment.

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Seo Yeon gets a letter from her mother for a lawsuit. She wants the money she gave her back. In her drunken state she also admits she lied about the affair and that was how she ended up with the money to send Seo Yeon abroad to study. Seo Yeon admits how she found out and quickly apologizes. Can I just say we all seen this coming when we met this evil ass selfish woman.

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Sun Woo is still having hallucinations of Seo Yeon. He’s got it bad. He calls Dae Young to drop off his clothes he borrowed hoping to get her off his mind and ends up drinking with the real Seo Yeon. These two are some sloppy ass drunks. Sun Woo admits that he has a crush on Seon Yeon and asks Ji Woo for help on how to woo her. She lets him know he’ll have a tough road ahead. But admits that they will work it out. I hope that Sun Woo can help ease some of Seo Yeon’s wounds. But I’d rather she help herself first. Before starting a relationship.

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Dae Young invites Ji Woo out for dinner after asking if she’s lost weight. Nice excuse to spend time with her bro. They are eating Korean Beef and it looks amazing getting grilled up. I’m definitely getting food after this episode is over. Later back at his office he’s hanging out with Seo Yeon after giving her a job where he can’t pay her….yet. Sun Woo stops by and gifts the office with a plant. Any excuse to see his crush. Seo Yeon annoyed with him trying to win her over, just flat out asks him if he wants to sleep with her. It’ll move things along quicker. Dae Young watching this whole exchange is shocked when Sun Woo drags her out the office by her wrist.

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This episode was alright. It really didn’t feel like the second to the last episode. But, since it’s more of a slice of life I guess it doesn’t need to be wrapped up with a bow. I can’t also jump to conclusions since it’s not the last episode. It was awkward sweet seeing Sun Woo trying to woo Seo Yeon. I don’t think he’s going to try and sleep with her though. Speaking of couples I’m also gonna need Dae Young or Ji Woo to grow some balls. They are so sweet to each other I want to at least see a kiss. Even if it’s totally k-drama-ish.

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