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Okay, so if you have been keeping up with my health journey. You know that I have up to now lost about 30 pounds. It was 35. But, I had two cheat weekends that I don’t regret and gained a little bit of weight back. But, que sera sera.

I mentioned in my last weekly weight loss post that I was thinking of only posting once a month when I hit my goal weight. Well I didn’t quite hit my goal. I’m still going to move forward with only posting once a month about my transformation. Food post included.

I love a good formula. But, it was starting to feel quite repetitive and uninspired. That’s why I want to do a revamp. I’ll even include any workouts.

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If you didn’t see any of my other posts. I’ve been slacking on finishing up the Let’s Eat 3 reaction and review as well. The last one should be coming soon. I’ll probably be revamping that as well. Just a short post on shows I’m currently watching.

I hope you will still enjoy my blog and continue to watch me grow both physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Have a great week!


We Gonna Do a Reset, Alright?

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