Health Journey |June

I’m back with another health post. this one will be two separate ones. I hit my goal weight and then spiraled out and gain ten pounds back. I was eating keto during my work week. But, on the weekends my ass just ate whatever I wanted. Because #IDoWhatIWant. Unfortunately those choices caught up with me quick as fuck! Ahhh the wonderful thirties. Anyway after getting bored with keto which i think was also part of the reason I was like fuck this. I decided to do the snack fast diet. I’ve already completed the first 48 hr fast and it ended up being almost 60. I completed it at 10pm on Monday and just waited until Tuesday to just eat breakfast. I didn’t take pictures on the day of because i honestly forgot. So the ones posted won’t be completely accurate. I’ve already lost weight. I’m going to take pictures before my refeed and post those separately.

If your interested in trying out the snake fast diet here are some of the videos I watched. Heads up the guy who invented it is a way intense and I think it might bust a blood vessel the way he screams and cusses.

But basically it involves fasting for days at a time and eating one meal depending on what fasting cycle you’re following. I’m just starting out and still have a lot of weight to lose so I’ll be doing the 72 hr one after finishing up the initial 48 hrs. The 48 hours weren’t that bad at all. But, I’ll see how this 72 hours cycle goes.

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