First Week on Snake Fast

So in my previous health update post I briefly mentioned that I was going to try out the snack fast diet. I did some basic research and was like alright let’s see what this shit is about. Cole the creator mentions that you should do a 48 hr fast then refeed then go into a 72 hr fast. Then again refeed and fast 72hrs until you find it difficult to fast for that long or you aren’t as fat as you were. He’s very blunt. I like it.

Basically the fatter you are the more prolonged periods of fasting you can do. I seen people do months at a time or longer. Some religions also practice fasting. So it’s nothing new. This type is just gear more towards losing weight. While both types teach discipline or some type of enlightenment. Of course, if you’re doing it for health reasons you can start to realize that you might have an unhealthy approach to how you were eating. Myself, I don’t think i necessarily have an unhealthy relationship with food. I think I used it as a comfort when things in my life weren’t going as easily as they used to. I mentioned before that I’m kind of a just go with the flow type person. But, if I’m determined to do something. Trust I will achieve my goal. Unfortunately, some things were out of my control and it cause me to be hard on my self and I stopped caring about taking care of myself. Having a desk job didn’t help either.

Just in this week alone I figured out that it’s not actually that hard to fast. Now if you told me this a few years ago when I had my hysterectomy and was in great shape. I would think you were crazy. But, now that I have more food for my body to survive on I don’t find it hard. Finding stuff to keep my mouth occupied isn’t that hard to do. I just have more time to do other things in the day. Strangely enough I have been watching food videos on Youtube. I have all kind of ideas for different food ideas. Did you know you can add cucumber juice to flour and make dough to make noodles! Me either and that looked freaking delicious!! I have been doing light cardio like walking and light aerobic excise. I also still take a multi-vitamin because I paid for the shit and I am not wasting my money. It’s also chewy so that’s like a treat once a day.

Anyway seeing the daily results is also a great motivation.

Here are the before photos I took and some pics of the scale. though my dumb ass forgot to take pics of my original weight. In total I’ve lost 12.5 pounds this week. including my whole weight loss journey up to 40 lbs. My starting weight was 210.5 from my indulgent week.

After my 48 hour fast.
Yesterday 7/7/19


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