Thinking Back to Last Year

I’m a frequent visitor of a message board. I found a great group of people who give me a lot of perspective on things I didn’t even think about. Somebody recently posted asking how different is your life to how it was last year. After writing my response and going back to read it along with everyone else’s. I realized that a lot of great things happened for me this year that I hadn’t even given myself a pat on the back for, or give much thought.

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I’m still in the same department that I was promoted into. I am i still as excited about it as I was when I first started? Hell to the no no no. But, I’ve gotten to know the people in my department more, and that’s what’s keeps me staying around.

Around this time last year. I was not happy with myself. I had gained a lot of weight and none of my clothes really fit anymore. This year I’ve lost about 40 pounds and am taking more care with what I eat. I’m closer to my goal weight. It’s still going to take sometime before I actually hit it. But, just this victory is amazing in itself. Some people can’t even lose that much.

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My finances are getting better. Mostly I have enough money now to start building my savings back up after paying for Milo’s emergency surgery last year. That itself ate up my savings and caused me to cancel my vacation. This year I actually got to get away from the great state of Ohio at least once this year. Am hoping for a second time around my birthday later in the year.

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My life in general is a lot better. I feel a lot more like myself now and can see the finish line for achieving goals that I had set for myself.

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