Back in the Saddle

Alright soooo, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted about my health journey. For good reason. Haha, not really I was over indulging after I completed the Muddy Princess 5k with my family. That was the end of last month. It was so much fun! I can’t wait to go again. I also did a 5K with some ladies from work and also had a great time. That one didn’t have obstacles in it.

image via Giphy

I worked out a few times during this time. But I will admit that I have packed back on some more weight. So I’m going to start the snake fast for this month doing 5 days of fasting a two refeed days. Then by October I hope to get back into just doing keto. But, I’ll see how I feel by then.

As far as my workouts I think I’ll do cardio and HIIT in the morning

I posted pics of the muddy princess on my insta. Give me a follow if you want.

Here is my current weight . UGH I was out of the 200 club.


If you have fallen off the wagon too. Let’s get it together and get our minds right.


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