Quick Health Update

Wow it’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these. But, If you seen this post. Then you know I fell off I eating/living a a healthier lifestyle. I mean it happens and its nice to let it all hang out. But, I’ve gained quite a bit of weight back. Like ten pounds. I’m not back to my original starting weight. But, I’m yo-yo-ing which is not good at all. My addiction to sugar is back and I need to squash that shit real quick.

I really enjoyed doing keto. But I’m being wishy washy with staying with it and that’s not a diet where you can have that mind set. This past week I didn’t do that bad. I actually bought keto snacks to chop on when I wanted to kill the sugar beast.

So I’m hoping next week. Will be even better. I’m starting back with intermittent fasting which helps a lot. After doing the snake diet I think it hinted at me maybe being a binge eater. But, let me not go labeling myself with something I am not very knowledgeable about. I also didn’t care when I found out my friend wouldn’t be coming to visit for my birthday next month. He’s got things he needs to work through.

So next week i’m going to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) as far as my eating. I hope you have a great week!



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