Health Update

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Sup, It’s been awhile since I actually wrote out a post. If you haven’t noticed I have been posting on YouTube more. Check out my channel if you want.

A few months back I posted that I was back on the my health shit. I’m not going to say that I didn’t indulge during the holiday. I don’t do new year resolutions anymore. I started to set goals on my birthday. Because, that’s my personal new year, and aren’t your goals your own personal journey.

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After the holidays I have started back on the snake diet and I’m feeling better already after eating all that delicious holiday food. Fasting is starting to become more conventional and doesn’t sound like a foreign concept and I’m here for it. Americans don’t move around like we did in the past. Most people have desk jobs or a sedentary lifestyle in general. Talking about myself I don’t need to eat as many calories as I used to. Thought I will say this time around I won’t be as meticulous with keeping track of my measurements and weight. I will be keeping track though.

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I What I really wanted to talk more about was what I’ll be doing as far as my workouts and what I will be eating on my refeed days. I will continue to eat Keto. But, I’ll be adding more vegetables per my doctors recommendations. I have a unhealthy love for cheese. Like really unhealthy. I really enjoyed the benefits that I seen when I was following it. I will be doing the same kind of workout for a month at a time. Not the new workout every week thing I did when I was really focused on getting in shape. On my fasting days I will be doing cardio. I restarted my couch to 5k app and will be doing that along with yoga. On my refeed days, I’ll be heading to the gym and doing a total body weight workout.

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I have also started meditating again and that in itself has been a great addition to my regular daily routine. I included the video that I’m using for meditation as well as the yoga video. I did start out using headspace. I couldn’t get behind paying $15 bucks a month or $50 bucks a year. Not when we have YouTube. I am currently doing a 10 min length meditation. A tip if you are just starting out I would suggest 5 mins and work your way up.

meditation video

yoga video

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Happy New Year!!


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