Back in the Saddle Part Deux

I’m back with some semi decent motivation to keep my half dedicated self and maybe somebody else out there going. Last month….ya’ll it was a hot mess but ended with decent results. The scale said I weighed less then after the holidays and that’s all I could hope for. I was still in my feelings with my 2020 starting out with my delusional ass still stuck in Ohio. But, after the recent news headlines I’m thankful to my guardian angels for helping me dodge the bullet marked with coronavirus on it.

Later looking back and realizing I was stress eating for the past two months. Mostly due to not know my teaching status. I wish I would have been more dedicated to it being stress working out. But what can I do. I’m not as strong willed all the time. I did attempt to go back on the the snake diet mixed with keto. Since with fasting your body naturally goes into ketosis. It was hit and miss I’m not gonna lie. I wasn’t as determined as I was last year. But, I’m stumbling along to find that wonder woman I was last year. She’s an elusive bitch!

Annny who. I still doing snake fast and keto. The last month of January and the first month of February I haven’t been too bad. I’m not going to be doing yoga and will be doing a 30 day squat and push up challenge after one of my colleagues mentioned she would be doing a burpee challenge for January . I’m going to somewhat copy off of her. At this point in time though burpees can kick all the rocks and I’ll do these ones instead. Maybe later in the year. I will include the links below if anybody is interested in the challenges. Have a great February!

push ups


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