Howdy…guess who’s back? Almost a year later from the last time I posted. My last post talked about Twitch and how much I loved it. That has not changed. But I’m starting to branch back out. After focusing so much of my time and energy on one thing. Writing is another outlet that I enjoy which is what had me create this blog in the first place.

So speaking of Twitch (Amcmee) I love love love it. I don’t think that I’ll ever blow up or become a partner. I just love how much of what goes into streaming incorporates a lot of things I like to do. Being creative is the biggest part. Either by my way of speaking or by coming up with things I like to say. I’ve even made up different songs. I even have a podcast (Hello Gorgeous).

I can’t remember if I complained about my old job on here. But my growing resentment was quite high. By the beginning of this year, I’m happy to say I’ve been working somewhere new. It’s not perfect. But I don’t feel like an afterthought and get treated like a human.

Dating not doing that.

But you know what I am about to start? A wellness journey. That’s right. After basically being zen and balanced in all aspects of life overall a few years back. I’m ready to get back to that part of my life. I started locs on Memorial day. I plan on documenting that journey along with my health journey and my spiritual journey.

I hope that maybe I can inspire others or find others that can continue to motivate and inspire me.

XOXO Ashley


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