How have I been you ask? I’ve been surprisingly well. I watched the cutest 10 episode k-drama yesterday which was perfect for Valentine’s Day. I watched this little gem on Netflix called ‘Love to Hate You’. I wasn’t familiar with the actors and it was a nice change of pace. The latest one’s I’ve watched all started at least one person I knew.

credit: https://www.youtube.com/@TheSwoon

Synopsis: Yeo Mi Ran is a rookie attorney at Gilmu Law Firm, which works primarily with the entertainment industry. She is not interested in having a romantic relationship and she hates to lose to a man in anything. Nam Kang Ho is a top actor in the entertainment industry. He is the most popular actor in South Korea due to his handsome appearance, intelligence, and kindness. He is sought after to work in romantic movies, but he doesn’t actually trust women. Yeo Mi Ran and Nam Kang Ho, who both don’t believe in love, fall into a love battle. So it’s my favorite plot a fake relationship where they hated each other first

Yeo Mi Ran played by Kim Ok Bin was splendid as the take no shit kick ass attorney. She was the very definition of vigilantly justice warrior. She was smart, funny and my favorite was never a damsel in distress. She wasn’t the poor girl who needed a rich guy to save her. Nam Kang Ho played by Yeo Teo I did not like his character at first he came off as a misogynist and a jerk. I quickly warmed up to him. These two had amazing chemistry and played off each other really well. It was nice seeing the relationship between the two growing. I like how he warmed up to her first too. He has a past trauma that explains why he acts the way he does.

credit: https://www.youtube.com/@TheSwoon

I will warn you though it did have one of my least favorite tropes. The forced breakup. Though this one made a lot more sense than others. It was still annoying as ever. The minor characters great additions that didn’t take away from the story and I also enjoyed the will they won’t the of the secondary couple who might have been hotter than the main couple! Mi-ran may have worked at an office with all males they weren’t jerks who treated her like an idiot. I like how they acknowledged her as a colleague and they all worked together well. All and all I found a new show to add to my rewatch list.

What made me enjoy this so much? It was short. The forced breakup was in one episode and less than 30mins. The female lead was capable all on her own. The male lead was respectful and genuinely nice person. No evil parents trying to keep them apart. Highly recommend for an easy binge with plenty of laughs and sweet moments.

Other dramas that I’ve recently watched. The Glory, The Fabulous, The Interest of love, If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.



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