Stream lining my life

I'm come to the conclusion that I have way to may things and it's time to stream line!

My very first blog post

This is the very first blog post I wrote. It's pretty funny now but I was hella pissed. This is the original post I talked about in last weeks post about graduating.

6 More classes…Well 2 Now

The happiness that spills over you when you find out you don't have school for two more years. 

Welcome to the New Site!!!

image via: Hello and welcome to the new and improved Ashtastic Journeys! This is the new site that I’ll be using from now on. I was a little inexperienced with my last provider and didn’t know all the things that went into using it. This new one is a lot simpler and saves me … Continue reading Welcome to the New Site!!!

Quotes I Love #4

The latest entry in the Quotes I Love blog series