30 Day Challenge Results

Last Month I gave myself a challenge. A 30 Day challenge that I was able to do up till day 23. Here is the original article where I spoke about the article. Also here is half-way point article I also wrote about the experience.  Towards the end when I couldn't think of anything to get … Continue reading 30 Day Challenge Results

Stranger Things Ep 8 Finale Reaction Video

Yeah last episode of season 1 of stranger things! Check it out please!!!

Getting to Know Qi Das and Tokens of a Sound Mind

Have you ever talked to somebody and felt like they have the world figured out? Making it seem so simple that you want to know their secret? Well I had the opportunity to speak with some just like that. I feel like my life is pretty good for the most part. But Keith who goes … Continue reading Getting to Know Qi Das and Tokens of a Sound Mind

Stranger Things Ep 7 Eleven is a Boss

So I already know what you're going to say. "Uh bitch this should of been the posted two weeks ago." I know I know but give me a break. I wanted to try something different. So I actually recorded myself watching the episode and my reactions while I watched it. I also had some wine … Continue reading Stranger Things Ep 7 Eleven is a Boss

Determining My Body Type

I found out my body type as well as healthy eating, and the best workouts for my body types.