What Are You Doing

Snake Fast Diet and YouTube drama for profit. Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: What are you doing? 😧 https://anchor.fm/amcmee/episodes/What-are-you-doing-e4t7e9

Life Squared

I wake up on a square I roll over and look at a square I wake up and face the day in a square I walk outside and get in a curvy square I walk into my work in a square I walk to my desk at a square I look at two hanging squares … Continue reading Life Squared

Ode to a Cushion

I've been driving past this floral couch cushion for the past week on my way to work. This popped in my head and I decided to share.

“I Dare You,”

“Dare me?” “Yeah, I triple dog dare you now!” “Really, how old are we 5?” "Maybe, do it you chicken shit," "Do what? What do you dare me to do?" “Take a chance,” “On what?” “On anything really,” “A new hairstyle, a new love, a new career, literally anything” “Anything other than what you’re doing … Continue reading “I Dare You,”



Oh there you are self-confidence I knew you were there somewhere You flaunted yourself quite gracefully until two years ago When I walked across that stage to get my degree Is it all the assumptions? The things I thought would happen after that day? Is that what caused you to run and hide? Or was … Continue reading Confidence