Adios 2016!

I've survived another year. This year though I wasn't so happy with how a lot of things went. So I want to do a highlight of my roller-coaster of 2016 The one thing that happened that i was very happy with, was I finally graduated with my Bachelor's!!! But on the other hand. Because of … Continue reading Adios 2016!

I Just Saying | 4 | Don’t Blame Us

Below is the video that I talked about in my vlog. I linked it below in the video as well but wanted to include it in my blog post too. What do you think about having your child having small responsibilities around the house? While I think people should raise their children however they … Continue reading I Just Saying | 4 | Don’t Blame Us

How I Lightened My Hair Without Bleach

I love me some DIY's!!!! Here's the one I made to lightened my dark brown hair.  

Here Take This and This (minimalist challenge half-way pt)

15 Day results of the 30 day challenge that I'm doing on my way to become a minimalist. 

My Colourpop Liquid Lipstick Collection

A little review and a lot of swatches all about Colourpop