May Meal Preps

Here are all the keto friendly meals I made for the month of May!!

Music| Louisa Johnson – So Good

Health Update #22

Obligatory greeting! I'll just start out by saying that I didn't hit my goal like I thought I would this week. Wah Wah hahaha. I'm okay with it. I've been so excited to pig out as I watched the number drop on the scale that I don't think I want to go full binge.

Let’s Eat 3 |13| Reaction & Review

When we last left off Seo Yeon had sat down with Ji Woo to apologize for not understanding how hard it really is to care for someone who has Altimeterzers.

Health Journey | 20| Update

Guys my back is back to normal!! I went to the park today with mom and god sister and did some much needed walking and climbed the stairs at the local park.