The children vs Not Having Children Conundrum

It all started with a meme that a friend on Instagram took way to seriously. 

I’m Just Saying | 5 |Happy New Year Happy New Year!!! I hope 2017 is doing you right so far. I have so complaints but I'm trying to fix those before this month is over. All self inflicted so it's no ones fault but my own. Anyway I have a new video up for the first week of the new year. Take … Continue reading I’m Just Saying | 5 |Happy New Year


Get to Know Me Part 4

Here is the last part in this 100 question series.

Get To Know Me Part 3

Happy New Year!! Check out part 3 of the Getting to know me series!!!!

Get To Know Me Tag (Part 2)

Hope everyone had a great Christmas here's part two of Getting to Know Me