I’m Just Saying|8| Just Running My Mouth

https://youtu.be/J_svKWWoxPE This video is kinda old but I've found a job that I'm actually happy to go to. I'm not trying to talk people into buying anything and I work normal work hours. But before I got the position I had to go take a drug test. Here's what happened. -Ashley

I’m Just Saying |7| Finally Playing Fallout

https://youtu.be/cW8IQb8fYvQ  Don't you hate when you have a horrible customer service experience. I was gong to be petty and call her place of employment and complain. But, we all have shitty days.

I’m Just Saying |6| Me, Myself, and I

So I'm sure I'm not special when it comes to not being a fan of the current dating scene. But, from my perspective their are a lot of fuck boys. I for one am not here for it. I'll continue you status as #SingleForLife. https://youtu.be/zLxo_L9I3_U As usual thanks for watching!! Ashley

I’m Just Saying | 5 |Happy New Year

https://youtu.be/WjI1ptkrUb8 Happy New Year!!! I hope 2017 is doing you right so far. I have so complaints but I'm trying to fix those before this month is over. All self inflicted so it's no ones fault but my own. Anyway I have a new video up for the first week of the new year. Take … Continue reading I’m Just Saying | 5 |Happy New Year

I’m Just Saying | 3| Pipeline & Having a Heart | Ashley Cundiff

https://youtu.be/N3t_SufRx7M Guess what? I finally decided on what I would call my vlogs. I'm going to name it 'I'm Just Saying," I use to say this phrase all the time. Especially when I someone would want my opinion that's what I would say when they didn't like what I told them. Either because I didn't … Continue reading I’m Just Saying | 3| Pipeline & Having a Heart | Ashley Cundiff