Clairol Natural Instincts

You know what I haven't posted about in a while? My hair. Since I haven't done anything other than regular maintenance (Deep conditions, protein treatments, detangling).

Origins: Deliciously Hydrating Review

The things that made me initially want to try Origins products is because they have earth friendly products that use renewable energy. Their packaging is not gimmicky. It's sleek, and they put their energy into making sure the products are effective.

Green Sparkly Eye a Makeup Tut

I recently received some products from Influenster from the brand Lancome for me to try out. I wrote a review of my first impressions of the products. After not being very impressed with some of the products. I used them again but used some of my usual products to keep oil at bay and combined that with a makeup eye tutorial that I need to re-film. Check out my other videos and leave a comment, like or even subscribe if you so fancy. All the products in the video are listed in the video description. I hope you enjoy!


Lancome Vox Box from Influentster First Impression

Thanks to influenster I was given the chance to review a number of Lancome's products.

One Makeup Palette A Month Is Back On & Not Poppin

Back at it again with using one makeup palette a month. Still using the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I also threw in a couple days when I tried out the L'oreal eyeshadows I received from Influenster.