Health Journey (May)

I'm late posting. I've started becoming busy and haven't been using my time productively.

We Gonna Do a Reset, Alright? image via giphy Okay, so if you have been keeping up with my health journey. You know that I have up to now lost about 30 pounds. It was 35. But, I had two cheat weekends that I don't regret and gained a little bit of weight back. But, que sera sera. I mentioned … Continue reading We Gonna Do a Reset, Alright?

I had a Cheat Day!

More like cheat weekend! It was freaking glorious!!

Meal Prep #15

These are all the seasonings that I used for my tofu. It came out pretty delicious! This is what it all looked like mixed together to coat my tofu squares. I used two containers of tofu. extra firm! before the oven

Health Update #22

Obligatory greeting! I'll just start out by saying that I didn't hit my goal like I thought I would this week. Wah Wah hahaha. I'm okay with it. I've been so excited to pig out as I watched the number drop on the scale that I don't think I want to go full binge.