Yo! I’m Back!!

I stared a podcast earlier this year and put it to the side to focus more on myself.  But I'm back at it again.

Thinking Back to Last Year

I'm a frequent visitor of a message board. I found a great group of people who give me a lot of perspective on things I didn't even think about. Somebody recently posted asking how different is your life to how it was last year.

Life Squared

I wake up on a square I roll over and look at a square I wake up and face the day in a square I walk outside and get in a curvy square I walk into my work in a square I walk to my desk at a square I look at two hanging squares … Continue reading Life Squared

But, It Was Okay.

He seemed like the was a pretty good guy. We shared similar interests.

Lost Some Weight, Found Myself

Sometime in November of last year. I made the decision to get back in shape and lose some weight.