How I Stretch & Style My Natural Hair

I Posted A Youtube Video

Clairol Natural Instincts

You know what I haven't posted about in a while? My hair. Since I haven't done anything other than regular maintenance (Deep conditions, protein treatments, detangling).

Green Sparkly Eye a Makeup Tut

I recently received some products from Influenster from the brand Lancome for me to try out. I wrote a review of my first impressions of the products. After not being very impressed with some of the products. I used them again but used some of my usual products to keep oil at bay and combined that with a makeup eye tutorial that I need to re-film. Check out my other videos and leave a comment, like or even subscribe if you so fancy. All the products in the video are listed in the video description. I hope you enjoy!


Car Vlog vol. 2 Shrinkage is real