Ooo He Cute Storytime

Ode to a Cushion

I've been driving past this floral couch cushion for the past week on my way to work. This popped in my head and I decided to share.

“Goodbye Deer,”

The young child looked at his father and asked “Papa are you going to stop them?” The proud father puffed out his chest looked his son square in the eyes and confidently stated. “Oh yes, they will rethink their decision.” The  child watched his father grab a duffel bag and head out the door. The … Continue reading “Goodbye Deer,”


“Hello Neighbor,” Part 3

After thumbs downing a song that use to be one of her favorites. She opened her group chat and informed her friends that she was bringing someone on the outing tonight. She went back to the bathroom to finish deciding what color she was going for. After deciding to go with green she sat down … Continue reading “Hello Neighbor,” Part 3

“Hello Neighbor,” Part 2

“Oh hey Linda. Didn’t mean to call you a slut. I thought you were somebody else.” Sam sheepishly smiled at her neighbor.