My Favorite Dramas of 2019

I was looking through MDL wondering if I watched enough dramas to even compile a list of some of my favorite dramas I discovered in 2019. To my surprise I racked up quite a number! Here is a list of all the dramas I watched last year:

It’s Okay, That’s Love

I was on reddit in the k-drama section and someone made up a thread of their favorite lines from k-drama's. A lot of people included quotes from this particular show.


When I seen the initial marketing commercial for this show I was very confused and thought it was about a gender swap between two people who hated each other.

Let’s Eat 3 |14| Reaction & Review

So we're finally to the last episode of Let's Eat 3. I really want to know if they can pull everything together in fourteen episodes.

Let’s Eat 3 |12| Reaction & Review

Dae Young just quite his job after getting a sweet promotion. But after figuring out what he really wants to do for the rest of his life he's more motivated than ever.